Welcome to the Virginia Highlands Airport. The Sky's the limit when it comes to serving the needs of business travelers and the general aviation community.

Airport FAQ’s

Who owns the airport?
You do! VJI is a county airport operated by the Virginia Highlands Airport Authority and governed by Washington County, Virginia. The capital funding of the airport is provided by federal (95%), state (3%), and local (2%) taxes. The airport is currently valued at over $14M. Some of the maintenance is supported by the state (about 50%). The annual operations budget is about $719,00.00 supported mostly from revenues with and annual assist from Washington County, Virginia.

Who runs the airport?
The operations and maintenance of VJI are the responsibility of the administrative staff and the employees. The governing policies are set by the Board of Directors consisting of 7 members, one from each voting district of the county, appointed by the County Supervisors from each district. Each Director is appointed for a 4-year term and Directors may not serve more than two consecutive terms. From their membership the Directors elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.

What benefit is the airport to the public?
The US Forest Service has an aerial fire-fighting unit based at the airport during fire seasons to protect our forestland.
The VA State Police have a reconnaissance airplane and 2 Medevac helicopters with a nurse and paramedics on site. The aircraft are used in crime prevention, search and rescue and emergency medical transportation. The aircraft are used all over Southwest Virginia and can respond within minutes when needed.
Just-in-time parts and inventories and critical medicines and vaccines are shipped air freight. Financial institutions use the airport daily to transfer bank drafts and other important papers. Charter passenger and air taxi services and flight instruction are available for the public. Government personnel and business executives fly in and out of VJI almost daily. Several local corporations benefit from the advantage of having their aircraft based at VJI.

Who plans the airport?
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in conjunction with the Virginia Highlands Airport Authority, develops the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) based on past, current and estimated future usage. The airport administrative staff writes, in conjunction with an airport engineering firm employed by the Airport Authority, the grant requests for separate Airport Improvement Program (AIP’s) projects that develop the plan.

What are minimum standards and why does the airport have them?
The U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Advisory Circular (AC) Number 150/5190-7, dated August 28, 2006; entitled Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities provides the basic information pertaining to the FAA’s recommendations on minimum standards and related policies.
This document is available for download at www.faa.gov/airports.

Where can I get a copy of airport Minimum Standards and Rules and Regulations?
Minimum Standards and Rules and Regulations for VJI are listed on this web site, or you may request a copy by calling 276-628-2909. Copies are available at the administrative office at the airport.